Soul Artistry Consulting


Since 2015 Soul Artistry has provided consulting support to nonprofit organizations. Much of our work has centered arts organizations and organizations founded, led by and serving Black and brown people. Our approach to consulting is nontraditional and reimagined. Much of our work has focused on helping nonprofits to build and secure the foundation, infrastructure and processes of their organization as well as increase capacity. This generally includes providing needed support to Executive Directors to take a low touch/high impact approach in their leadership, assisting with board governance framework, helping with the implementation of funding strategies that increase organization sustainability and longevity and encouraging the adoption of a proactive, as opposed to reactive, approach to prioritizing succession planning. 

Because of our intentional focus on centering Black and brown founded and led organizations who historically and presently have been excluded from the resources and support they deserve, for us, success has been actualized through our work because the partnerships  with our clients has propelled them and the totality of their work from a place of scarcity to abundance.


The primary focus of Soul Artistry‚Äôs artistic consulting is to provide artists with support that helps them understand the importance of the business side of their artistry. This includes professional development, business development and financial literacy support. The goal is for artists to be connected to opportunities to showcase their artistry and to ensure that creatives are compensated for their craft. 


Soul Artistry Wellness consultation consists of providing tangible practices and processes for wellness seekers to consider. Wellness support includes assisting clients with considering self care, community care and the intersection of both as a path to developing and navigating their wellness journey. 

  • One hour group wellness session to help clients develop and navigate their wellness journey-$250/person 
  • One on one one hour wellness session to help client develop and navigate their wellness journey-$500
  • Customized wellness plan that includes practices and processes for client implementation.-$1,000

If you, your organization or someone within your network is looking for the kind of support outlined above please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at