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Soul Artistry Artist Feedback 

Below is survey feedback from Black artists, artists of color and historically excluded artists based on their experience with Soul Artistry LLC.

Soul Artistry Curated and Managed events that artists participated in

Kalamazoo Art Hop
Kalamazoo Juneteenth Celebrations
Kalamazoo Black Business Expo
Kalamazoo Black Arts Festival 

What benefits did you receive from being  a part of the event? 
  • “I made some business connections and being involved in the celebration in totality benefited my Soul!  Excellent atmosphere and positive vibes!  Great show!”  
  • “Community”
  • “Being able to connect with other artists!”
  • “Personal growth. Showing my work in a public space was extremely difficult for me. It made me push myself.” 
  • “Enjoying expressing my art and talking to people who enjoy the show.” 
  • “Stipend and exposure” 
  • “Networking, exposure and purchases of my calendar”
  • “Building connections and hearing that my photos were educational for the people that attended” 
  • “Experience, Opportunity, platform, connections, monetization” 
  • “Financial compensation and ability to make art sales” 
  • “Exposure”
  • “I was able to connect with more people and build new relationships”
  • “We were able to network with a couple of local radio station personnel and exchanged some contact information with  other artists and people it was a great atmosphere”